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We are Iteiga.

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A Track Record of Design and Implementation

In a world of every changing business, we provide adaptable solutions.

We help clients understand their business and guide them to make the best of their oppertunities. We accomplish this with consultation, software or both.

Leadership & Trust

Often, it is not the external factor that is the problem, but how one perceives it. We provide guidance to how a business can thrive in its environment.

Design & Implementation

Over the years we have helped many companies find solutions, designing software that forms part of our client's core operations years after we have left.

These designs must at some point be implemented to be of use. We have decades of experience in rolling out solutions to the benefit of our clients.

A Suite of expertise

From business administration, to mentorship. From command line to excel. We can help you.

We do not believe in limiting ourselves to only one aspect of business, we limit ourselves only to solutions.


“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

Stephen Covey